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U.S. Switchgear Corporate

255 East Marshall, Van Alstyne, TX. 75495


U.S. Switchgear Midwest

Rolla, MO.

About Us

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40 Years Experience

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Worldwide Success


Utility Experts


Recloser Experts

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Unmatched Customer Service

About Us

GVR & Control Parts, Accessories & Components

U.S. Switchgear has nearly 40 years of switchgear and recloser experience

Our company is proud to sponsor the

“Being a Pilot myself, I am proud that our organization is sponsoring these brave heroes” Rick Duncan, President of U.S. Switchgear said. “My dad was in the Navy during WWII and he was a pilot as well. There’s nothing any more fulfilling than witnessing these warriors being able to fly to Washington DC where all the historical Military artifacts exist on display.”

U.S. Switchgear makes a commitment to every customer served and will continue to give each and every customer the individual attention that is deserved.
We deal with companies that sell us items on a daily basis as well and we fully understand that customer service is very difficult to come by in this day and time!

Our founder, Rick Duncan and his wife, were instrumental in bringing an exact replica of The Liberty Bell to the University of Houston, where they both attended. Mr. Duncan and his wife traveled to London to the White Chapel Foundry, the oldest company in the U.K. and the company who manufactured the original Liberty Bell for America in order to secure the manufacture of this beautiful replica.

Our founder, Rick Duncan playing a Mini-Ryder Cup in 201o with U.S. Switchgear’s U.K. partner Whipp & Bourne, one month before the actual Ryder Cup at Celtic Manor, South Wales, U.K.

“I have played golf all over the world and this day was one of the most peaceful and exciting days in my life”, Rick Duncan (President of U.S. Switchgear) said. “Thanks to all the crew at Whipp & Bourne and Hawker Siddeley of the U.K. Sorry we had to win and the U.S. brought home the trophy.”

About Us

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